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Why Social Media is so important for SEO?

by Nadeem Abbas

Posted on


“Social media” is a way for people to communicate and interact online. While it has been around since the dawn of the World Wide Web, in the last 10 years or so we’ve seen a surge in both the number and popularity of social media sites.

HTML Next Version?

by Abdul Raheem

Posted on


HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) a markup language to create web pages, that keeps on rolling new versions, currently HTML 5 is used which is one of the most stable version of the HTML compare to all of the previous HTML versions, but what will be the next, will it be HTML 6 or new updates in HTML version 5.

Implementation of Search In Umbraco Using Examine

by Abdul Raheem

Posted on


In this tutorial we will implement search in Umbraco, without using any plug-in. We will use examine and razor view in this tutorial. First let’s have a short intro to Umbraco and what is Examine.

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