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5 Essential Elements of Email Marketing

by Arslan Yaqub

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The world has been change so much after the internet goes for public. Making anything viral is not an issue nowadays, just a one click and “Boom” more than 3 Billion users can access that news via internet on their laptops, desktops and smart devices like smart-phones.

In such a viral environment, marketing of a product seems easy, but finding the right audience / perspective is not an easy task.

Targeting the right person for the right product, internet marketer uses email marketing to target their right perspective to convince them to use that product by telling them product’s main features and benefits they can get by using their product. But this is not it, to send anyone an email and tell them product’s name, feature and benefits. Here are some factors that will be very beneficial and productive for my fellow marketers.

1. Email as a dialogue:

Several internet marketers stick to the particular “batch & blast” approach to send emails for promoting their product. This kind of approach can accomplish the task of sending emails but the purpose of this exercise will be a failure, because the dialogue will not be started if there is not an open door for their perspective to send them feedback or ask more about that product.

Don’t forget to include social sharing option so the target audience can share it on social channels and can get the views of others.

2. Expand on CTR (Previous):

Standard metrics are significant, but grow beyond just figures by exploring all the information available. Put ears on things like where prospects went on the website, number of visits, visit frequency, social sharing, and how you can segment them based on their behaviors.

You want to make sure you are measuring engagement in addition to traditional metrics.

3. Give importance to message:

Remember email campaigns send out more than communication– they send out a message. Use these campaigns to tailor your messages according to the prospect’s profiles, what they like and what they do. Judge by sending different emails / messages to the unusual segments of your list when suitable.

Moreover , by making sure you are including value added content, your readers are more apt to engage with your emails.

4. Design multiple methods:

To stay away from having your email campaigns under-perform, consider integration of different campaign styles and methods. As you test different email components such as delivery days, content angles, surveys, and fulfillment pieces, you have to look on which method your customer is responding most.

By always keeping your content and methodology fresh, you will have a better chance of keeping your readers engaged.

5. Evaluate your outcomes:

Email marketing campaign information doesn’t require all large data dumps into Excel or hours of number crunching. Maintain the reporting dashboards in your marketing mechanization solution to get the details out in an arrangement readable for all.

Use these details to recognize prospect’s contact and improve future campaigns while boosting marketing ROI.


Email marketing doesn’t end here nor it has limits. Most important thing is to rotating the email pattern that your prospects don’t get bored. A keen view of prospects status about their choices and what they want most, stay up to date with them. Be brave and never hesitate to try new strategies until you find the best one for you.

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Arslan is working as Internet Marketer since last 2 years. He also work as Graphic Designer at code desk.