Our Team

Our team is our success. Currently, we employ software developers, testers and graphic designers. They are committed to achieving perfection in their respective fields. We hire both mature, senior experts and bright young talents.

Talented and Trustworthy

We attract exceptionally talented people whose passion is solving development problems and making your software dreams come true. You can trust us – we aim at transparent cooperation model and regular communication to make you feel in control of the project.

Educated and Experienced

When recruiting, we only consider people whose qualifications we are convinced of. Our software engineers are mostly top graduates..

Ambitious and pro-Active

We are open to your suggestions. We are not afraid of challenging projects. Our great asset is flexibility – we can adjust our resources to suit your needs. We are ready to advise you and make dynamic changes in the project whenever necessary.

Modern and Mature

We offer fresh, innovative and original solutions to let your business keep up with the latest trends. We quickly adapt to the modern technologies but employ mature project management and development processes to deliver the best quality in due time.

Meet the Management Staff


Technical Director

Aamir has brought together our team of experts, who are ready to make our clients ideas a reality. Aamir understands how to combine complex designs and latest tools and technologies to meet customer expectations. His experience of designing and developing all types of applications, highlights his capabilities as a forward thinking leader. Throughout his career he has overcome technical challenges with ground breaking ideas and strives to replicate his success at Code Desk, leading through inspiration and developing new solutions to any problems our customers may face.


Project Manager

Sumera’s responsibilities at Code Desk include planning, management and coordination of a project. She is responsible for training new developers, architecting product solutions, and leading the development teams throughout the development life-cycle. At Code Desk, Sumera is skilled working with both small and large clients to bring the best solution possible.

We hope you like what you’ve seen here – we’d love to hear from you. Whether you want to delve a little deeper into some of our ideas, discuss any burning issues or explore how we can help you strategically or creatively, let’s meet up for a coffee and a chat. We’re excited about the future and hope you are too.