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5 Simple Steps to achieve an eye-catching blog title that encourages clicks

by Nida Khawaja

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Do you know, you can write an excellent blog and no one will notice it.

You’re a skilled and learned writer but still unable to succeed to attract your targeted audience. [FOCUS!] ‘There’s something missing’, you’ll tell yourself this time and again but won’t exactly know what it is? You’ll find yourself checking your content over and over again, cross-checking it with your business goals and returning empty handed after trying to sell it to your target audience.

Let’s look into it the other way, maybe it’s not your content, maybe the hitch is at the very first step…

Your ‘Blog Title’!

Your art is to attract the target audience through your up-beat and crafty writing skills which is in line with your marketing objective and business targets. It’s easy to fall flat on your blog title but it’s easier to get back on your feet. Let’s play with the following 5 strings and see if it can create the sound which can bring your blog title back to life?

1. Choose your blog purpose


In simple terms, if the purpose is not defined, the blog withers. The blog thrives on a purpose. Do you write your blog based on a purpose? If no, start finding it. To define the purpose of your blog you need to drill down a bit and have to understand the objective of your business and the marketing goals set accordingly. You need to be clear in your perspective for it defines your blog title and gives strength to your blog. The purpose will be extracted from the nature of your business. For instance, one perspective you may write about if you have a business in communications is ‘discussing problems in communicating while you travel’.

You need to be accurate with what you’re going to write about in your article and not drift from your perspective.

For instance when I chose to write about content development I picked one subject ‘developing a blog title’. I further kneaded into it and picked ‘the problems people normally have and how I can present a solution to them with achieving that perfect eye-catching blog title.’

Simply, THIS is what a blog purpose is; it defines your take on the blog.

2. Kick start with a working title


The first thought that grazed through my mind when I had to write this blog was, ‘I don’t really know what to write about!?’

This thought however quickly shifted to ‘oh wait I know what I have to write , but I don’t know how to jump start with the title’. I was stuck at it for quite some time before I figured out, ‘why not I write about the problems I faced and how I found the solution by following some really sleek tips from HubSpot. All you need to do is to start with a working title and then craft it down.

3. Keyword precision


You need to associate your title with your keyword. This is necessary from an SEO perspective from which the blog title holds high importance. For example, if you’re running a special campaign of ‘calling from U.S to anywhere in the world at discounted rates’ then you need to keep your keyword restricted to the relevant subject for search engines to pick your blog in their search result. It’s easy to slide away from the keyword so stay focused and precise.

4. Spice it up


Being precise certainly doesn’t mean bland or boring. You can always replace the commonly written words with some spicy words to sizzle the title up. It will most certainly generate more clicks as it is pretty attractive and unconventional. For example, ‘10 things people do not like about broccoli’ can be written as, ’10 reasons why broccoli is most hated.’

Why broccoli? Well because I just hate it!

Be aggressive, use strong words instead of adopting a meek tone. The more strength your tone carries, the more viewership you should expect.

5. Shorten and be specific


After sifting through all the processes, comes the point where you just need to focus on what your target personas are? Writing for the target customer will make sure you remain focused and write relevant content.

For instance, ‘Discussing problems in communicating while you travel’,

will be modified to,

‘5 hurdles you face during a business trip to Hong Kong.’

Now you know what I’m talking about? These very simple yet sneaky steps will only help you to concise your haphazard ideas and keep you focused on your target.

Good luck!

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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