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10 vigorous exercises to successful Content Development

by Nida Khawaja

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10 vigorous exercises to successful Content Development

Social media and blogging are fascinating platforms for they are the most interactive podiums there are for users from all parts of the world. These are places where ideas are assessed, critically examined and refurbished with sound knowledge.

One needs to be equipped with the knowledge of discussions that constantly take place on blogging websites and social media platforms. These conversations hit a new level of innovation where a single topic generates another topic and the chain of discussion is formed under one surface. These discussions somehow generate the stir in an otherwise static media.

These crucial discussions become the voice of the platforms which start with innovative content. The ingenious content attracts more users to join in the discussions ultimately creating brand awareness. What’s the core ingredient to this fine amalgamation? The answer is, Innovative Content Development. After all, it’s the content that creates likes, produces links and references and attracts swarming attention which ultimately creates awareness.

The main idea is to align your subject with your goals and to assimilate it with your core objectives. You must know that the content you’re creating is valuable enough to not only attract attention but also too accomplish your goals which provoked you to create online content in the first place. Your content should attract the right links. It should not be trivial or rude rather should carry valuable weight for positive follow back.

Therefore, it is imperative that the content much required should be strategically developed in order to have a grip on the links through interactive and valuable interactions.

Let us delve into a 10 step strategic content development process for beneficial results while hitting your targets where it matters.

1.Think like a journalist does

This entails the title that needs to be provocative enough to attract the user at first glance at the same time not controversial or shallow.

2.Develop short, abridged content

Users graze through the first paragraph to get the gist of the article. Make sure you keep it short and concise, to the point and meaty enough to keep the readers hooked till the end.

3.Speak about the niche market news

They say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Keep a keen eye on anything new that vaguely comes in news and write about it before it sells off everywhere. It’s always good to keep a tab on the pulse of your reader.

4.Keep it conversational

Do not use the Oxford Dictionary English for it’s a huge turn-off for an average reader. Keep the English simple and precise. Make sure you engage in every line of your writing to interact with the reader in a more productive way.

5.Don’t try to oversell it

It takes only the first few lines to realize whether the writing has value or not. If you have created a strong niche for yourself, then be as dignified in developing your content as you can. Trying to be somebody you are not, can kill your readership.

6.Use appropriate images to back it up

Use the images that are simple but represent your words in the best way. Do not waste time putting up images that do not represent you. It will only devalue your writing.

7.Invite audience for guest posts

Guest posting is a thoroughly interactive way to increase your viewership and bring inspiration to your work. Keep it open to all who share your interests.

8.Repost the content that never goes stale

Repost your previous content which you find your new readers will have a difficulty searching through archives and which will prove to be purposeful to your readers.

9.Do your homework and research the topic

In today’s world; people will detect you as fake in an instant. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, be prepared with your homework and make sure you know what you are writing about rather fabricating the content.

10.Separate topics and landing pages

Topics which have separate landing pages have much better conversion rates than those jumbled up into one. Give every topic the same importance by giving it its own landing page for clarity.

I’m sure you will find it much easier to develop content which is concise, clear, valuable and presentable at the same time.

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