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Welcome to Code Desk

by Nida Khawaja

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A warm welcome to Code Desk!

Code Desk is a software development and web development house which provides the best services in IT solutions.

We’re a team of enthusiasts who will attend to every IT need of yours and offer you the solutions accordingly.

We’ve expanded our services and benefit from serving our clients according to the progressing trends of the IT industry.

Code Desk specializes in providing Software Development, Graphic Designing, Web Designing and Internet Marketing solutions.

We have a wide range of products and services especially designed and customized for our clients and our highly skilled staff in its knowledge and experience builds the perfect IT partnership. Our major services include:


You want to breathe new life into your business by changing the logo or name or re-evaluating the brand resources, we’re here to give you that new dynamic look you seek for.

Online Marketing

You’re having problems with promoting your business in the market and want to advertise your business to give sales boost. We make sure you get the right kind of internet marketing as per the new marketing trends. This includes, internet marketing, emailing, online advertising, social media promotions among others.

Mobile App Development

The world has changed and so has the business methods. We’re a mobile driven world with expectations associated with the mobile. Therefore, we make sure we give you the right platform in mobile software development, field guiding you through the entire ecology of mobile applications development.

Web Development

Every business nowadays has a website of its own. That’s where we step in. Our designs speak innovation staying in touch with the new trends. We offer interface design, web graphic design, user experience design among other services.

Explainer Videos

Internet is a fast changing field where every minute there is instant an update about your business which gets lost in the pool of information w website generates. For this purpose, explainer videos have been developed for a better understanding of the up-coming news, services and features of the business. We create just that for you.

Virtual Staff

You need staff for your up-coming project but you want to manage your budget. That’s where hiring a virtual staff benefits you. We offer you your own staff that works for you full time but does not sit in your office. Therefore, your targets are achieved with minimal costs.


We offer you a third-party business performance through project based outsourcing or task based outsourcing.

Content Writing

Our services are not limited to website or software development and designs, but we give your business the right language it needs. Let your business be heard through us.

Quality Assurance

We provide in-house quality testing and quality assurance according to the standards and matrices.

We hope to have a long-term committed relationship with you. We’d be sure to dedicate ourselves, our entire team and resources to fulfill your targets and demands.

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