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How to Deliver a Kick-Ass Consulting Service

by Code Desk

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Are you trying to win a bid, bring in more work for your company or influence stakeholders? How do you influence your clients when delivering a consulting service? I’ve put together a list of techniques to empower you to lead with confidence and bring in repeat business for years to come!

New to Consulting?

Consulting can be pretty straight forward for the natural. You’re the expert, your client comes to you for advice. You give them some solid info and then send them the invoice in the mail.

But it could also be that you struggle in the role. You may ask yourself: how do I deliver a service I am completely confident in? When is it my place to challenge my client–can I be brutally honest?

Fundamentally, good consulting is about self-confidence and leadership. You want to stand out from the crowd!

Consulting | Code Desk

This quick article I will look at some of the key characteristics and approaches I have used in my consulting career to date. Some of these lessons have come naturally, others have been passed on by consultants more senior to myself and others I’ve had to learn through trial and error.

I’ve outlined them below, so you can fast track your consulting skills.

Work in a Team of Peers

In consulting it’s important that you’re a leader and establish yourself as the authority on any subject you are advising about. Even if you have years of experience, you may not feel confident enough to challenge your clients, even with proper rationale.


In my experience, working with a team who evaluate whatever you’re working on once a week can help you draw on others’ experience. Having this multi-layered perspective can give you a big confidence boost going into a presentation to discuss your findings.

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