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Go Pro – Grab more likes on your Facebook page through these pointers

by Waqas Nasir

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Go Pro – Grab more likes on your Facebook page through these pointers

In this era of technology, every business needs marketing to get to a salient position. It is a necessity to promote the product/service to achieve higher sales and digital media made this easy for every business and social media platforms are the main source to promote business.

Every brand on Facebook has its motive, whether it’s a service, a product or an application.  Reason behind creating a page on Facebook is to get recognized within communities.

Obviously it helps to increase sales as well. Interaction with people in is the core ingredient to building your value. Interacting is done in different ways like by sharing awareness, promoting business products and services or the application.

So, if I’m not wrong, like everyone else you would also want to promote your brand on Facebook. But how will you promote your business on Facebook if you don’t have followers? This post is about how you can increase your Facebook fans if you recently setup the page of your brand on Facebook.

Put all the information appropriately to make your page searchable.

Put all the information appropriately to make your page searchable.

  1. Write about your company and what it does
  2. Put a link to your website
  3. Mention your business address
  4. Any other related information to your business to assist your prospect to better understand you.
  5. Set a custom URL/Username of your Facebook page by including the name of your brand.

Invite your friends by suggesting the page


Once you have setup the page or smarten it up; now is the time to share your page with your friends and acquaintances. They can be your existing customers or they can also be the ones who would be more interested to become your fans. Ask your friends to invite their friends to like your page.

At the right upper corner you’ll find an option “build audience”. From there you can invite your friends or upload the contact list or you can add email addresses to encourage your friends/acquaintances to like the page.

Mention your Facebook page URL in your other social media profiles


Place your fan page URL of Facebook in descriptions or directly to your other social media account. For instance, in your twitter account you can add your Facebook page URL in description of the account and if you have a live twitter account then it is most probable that most of your followers on twitter will click on the URL of your Facebook page and might become your fan on Facebook to get the updates on their Facebook account as well.

Give the links to your social accounts from your website and blog


Don’t forget to add “follow us” plug-in on the websites and blog to follow all your social profiles. Nowadays, this works as the identity of your business. So when visitors will come to your site they more likely will see your social profiles and chances are they’ll follow at least 1 account that you’ve given.

Add social links of your company in each email you send to your prospects/customers


Whenever you send an email to your prospects/customers whether it is newsletter, promotional email or a thank you letter, always provide links to your Facebook page and other social profiles of yours.

Extend your marketing circle to offline channels to reach more closely to people


Utilize every opportunity to add your page URL everywhere you can, like mention it in your business cards, broaches, advertising signs, public transportation advertising, receipts and stick labels promoting your page.

Make your page worth visiting


Share valuable content which is engaging and attracts the customers’ interests. Post updates on your Facebook page according to a proper marketing plan to keep your target market’s attention from drifting. Remember, the key is to be persistent and up-to-date.

Run Facebook advertising campaign to promote your page


If you are willing to get more likes to your page besides the already existing fans you have; then you can pay Facebook for it. Facebook will then promote your page by proposing your page to the ideal prospects for your business. Facebook runs an ad on news feeds of users with a CTA to ‘like’ the page.

Hire a professional Social Media Marketer


When you’ve reached thousands of fans on your Facebook page but don’t have much time to manage it properly. It’s time to hire a professional marketer do these tasks.

It is necessary to stay connected with your fans on a constant basis. Valuable information related to the statics of your fans and their behavior shall be clearer in front of you after hiring a professional.