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intuPBX: the next generation communication made specifically for your business

by Omar Sohail

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intuPBX: the next generation communication made specifically for your business

A PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, and it comprises of a private telephone network that is present and used inside the premises of a company. Employees and other personnel who are engaged in using the PBX use it for making a plethora number of calls, both local and international.

While a PBX is a common form of maintaining communication with a company, its customers and business partners, technological innovation has allowed several iterations of PBX setups to be introduced in a very short time window; with these iterations providing reduced overall capital and operating expenditures while delivering flexible communication paraphernalia to companies and its employees to stay connected; even if they are not physically present at the office premise.

intuPBX is one such iteration that is considered to be the next generation of PBX communication systems.

What is intuPBX?

intuPBX is an echelon above its predecessors as it features a unified communications system for small and medium sized business as well as telecom service providers. In non-technical terms, a unified communications in a business allows employees and the company’s clients and customers to maintain communication with each other without having to remain at a stagnant position such as the office’s computer desk.

With smartphones and other mobile devices becoming an omnipresent product in the world today, thanks to their affordability, features and the ability to make the user stay connected to the World Wide Web,intuPBX has assimilated basic communication alternatives such as instant messaging, presence and conferencing to its equipment because it simplifies business communication rather than turning the experience for both sides in to a cumbersome one.

Other features of intuPBX

While unified communications is a much welcomed feature in the age of communication, other factors will also facilitate the level of convenience for your business, its employees and your clients. There are copious number of features that come bundled with intuPBX, with some of them being detailed below.

•Voice mail to email:

No matter what your geographical position is, having an intuPBX setup allows you to send and receive voice mail and other call notifications through email. Since setting up an email notification system on a smartphone and / or tablet is a walk in the park, users can comfortably view or listen to those notifications.

•Audio encryption:

The sophisticated nature of technology has also given rise to a variety of illicit activities that can end up turning your business venture in to a nightmare. intuPBX setups provide audio encryption capabilities so you can keep your conversations private and safe as safe can possibly be.

•Call recording capability:

There might be a large number of call recording applications and add-ons available for users to record important conversations, the process of recording that call makes it no less than tedious, which results in a very tiresome experience for the user. Fortunately for intuPBX users, all calls can be recorded automatically, with the consent of the parties connected to the call of course.

The adage, ‘out with the old and in with the new’ suits the architecture and interface of intuPBX. With an abounding number of features that the setup brings to the table, intuPBX is the perfect communication setup for your business communication needs.